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The past cannot be changed.  The future is yet in your power.



Therapeutic Services for Empowered Living & Life Coaching

Philosophy:  In each of us there is an honest desire to seek truly valued living and peace with oneself.  Through services provided at Rinehart Counseling, Inc., I have dedicated my professional life to helping others find authenticity, true meaning, and peace.  I am deeply committed to helping others be more than "OK".  Using integrated therapeutic counseling strategies and personal coaching techniques especially aimed at helping clients to manage and direct their thoughts, we work together to navigate challenges and barriers that impact our access to a more complete and full life interpersonally and with others.  Watching the process of growth and change in clients is my passion and my life's work.

Mood Management:  Stress?  Anxiety?  Are your moods dictating how you feel at home and at work?  Manage symptoms through counseling while learning strategies to avoid cycles of stress, pressure, and anxiety.

Life Coaching:  Do you question your life's purpose?  Do you feel you are not on the right path?  Clients learn to set personal goals and develop a road map for their lives.  They work to grow in their sense of self and personal understanding of their purpose in life.

Couples:  Discover PERMANENT solutions to repetitive problems.  Marriage counseling for new and long term marriages.  Relationship counseling for those contemplating marriage, in same sex marriage, or simply wanting a stronger relationship.

Life Transitions:  Learn to redirect and rejuvenate your life course and find meaning from change, struggle, and transition through therapeutic counseling.

Women:  Through professional counseling, learn how empowerment, acceptance, and a stronger sense of identity can complement your life.  You can redefine your life courseit is never too late.

Life Skills:  Learn new ways to COPE with old problems.

Specialties:  Marriage and relationship issues, depression, anxiety/fears, divorce, life coaching.

Treatment Preferences:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Marital/Pre-Marital Counseling, Couples Counseling, and Life Coaching.

Modality:  Individual, family, couples, and marriage counseling.

Client Focus:  Adults, adolescents, and elders.

Average Costs:  $100.00 per session.

Accepted Insurance Plans:  Most major insurance plans accepted.  Ask about health insurance coverage when you arrange your first visit.

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