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We know what we are, but we may not know what we may be.

William Shakespeare


Deborah K. Rinehart, LCSW

Biography:  Deborah K. Rinehart, owner of Rinehart Counseling, Inc., graduated from the University of Kansas in 1984 with a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work.  License No. and State:  001799 Missouri, 001435 Kansas, 075900 Iowa, 3985 Kentucky, 5266 Oklahoma.

With 30+ years experience working in a therapeutic counseling setting with individuals and couples, Deborah has developed strong skills in assessing needs and providing the most effective intervention to assist clients in reaching their personal and relationship goals.

She has extensive experience in marriage counseling working with pre and post marital couples and life partners including new couples working to start on the right path as well as those who have lost their sense of direction or purpose.  Couples she treats learn to stop arguing and redevelop permanent strategies to repetitive problems.

Women often seek Deborah's unique counseling as they work to reclaim, redefine, and recapture themselves.

Deborah is masterful at assisting with life transitions such as divorce, loss, change of career, retirement, and empty nesting.

Deborah is respected in the therapeutic counseling community and is regarded as a specialist in Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Issues, Adult Life Transitions, Women, and Mood Management.

You are invited to redirect your life course now!